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iPad FAQ: How To Save Pictures From A Website.
Updated :2011-05-02 | Bookmark and Share | author: |Viewed:

Owning the iPad we often find ourselves browsing the internet for most of the time we are on it. And there are several times where we stumble upon some type of interesting picture which we want to save, but we don’t know how to. Fear not.  We will show you how to do this quite easily.

20110310 webbrowse iPad FAQ: How To Save Pictures From A Website.

This article brings you the important steps to learn how to save pictures from websites so that next time you are not left hoping ‘only if I knew’ when you want to save a picture.

1)      To start off, search for a picture on the internet that you would want to save (you obviously can’t purposely stumble on something).

2)      Once you find something, tap and hold on the picture.

3)      In a few seconds a pop-up menu will appear with two options. Select the ‘Save Image’ option.

4)      If you select the Copy option then you can paste it into some other application such as a slideshow, document etc.

5)      The image you saved can be found inside the Photos app of the iPad. Go into Photos and then Albums.

20110310 photos iPad FAQ: How To Save Pictures From A Website.

6)      All photos you have saved from either a website, email attachment or even the screenshot of your iPad will be saved in the Saved Photos album.

7)      Next, open the Saved Photos album to find all the pictures you have saved.

8)      You also get several options when you open the specific photo you have saved. For example, you can decide what to do with it. By tapping on the small arrow on the top right you can send it via email, set-as wallpaper, send to Mobile Me, assign it as a contact, print it etc.

9)      An interesting option for those who own an Apple TV is that you can even stream the picture to Apple TV from your iPad through your home wireless network.

There you have it. The awesome functionality of the iPad makes saving pictures from a website a breeze.  Check back soon for our next set of tips and tricks and answers to FAQ’s to help make the most of your iPad experience.


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